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FAQs on Islam
[ FAQs on Islam ]

·Slaves in Islam – The Concept and Their Rights
·Interfaith Marriages - Why can’t a Muslim Woman marry a non-Muslim Man?
·Is it necessary to change the name if one converts to Islam?
·Meaning of Worship, Types of Worship and What it comprises?
·If God exists everywhere why cannot we worship idols?
·Why are some of our prayers not answered?
·Why does Islam allow polygyny but prohibits polyandry?
·Is the Present Qur'an the Original Version?
·What happens to the people who don’t get the message of Islam?

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  The Athan Software Version 1.1 
Description: The Athan Software Islamasoft Solutions (UK) a unique and fully customizable islamic application that calculates and reminds the five daily Islamic prayer times for anywhere in the world. This feature-rich application can be used by anyone novice/advanced without having to worry about complicated settings (designed with usability in mind). Please note that this application is specifically designed to run on Windows® XP operating system.
Filesize: 1.31 MB
Added on: 24-Jul-2005 Downloads: 1851 Rating: 10.0 (3 Votes)

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  Zakat Calculator 
Description: Zakat is an obligatory duty and one of the five pillars of Islam. Use the Zakat Calculator to calculate your Zakat.
Filesize: 84.00 Kb
Added on: 23-Apr-2006 Downloads: 1972

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Description: QuranReciter is a Quran MP3 player which displays Arabic text and 3 different english translations of the recited verse. Word by word meanings are displayed for Juz Amma. The MP3 file for QuranReciter can be downloaded from
Filesize: 10.95 MB
Added on: 25-Mar-2006 Downloads: 2274

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  The Noble Quran Version 3.0 (Freeware) 
Description: The Noble Quran by Islamasoft. Translated by Marmaduke Pikthall. The software has an excellent easy-to-use explorer type user interface with the ability to change themes, bookmarks, advanced search engine (super fast), and the ability to display additional information relating to each chapter. And, most importantly, it displays text in both Arabic and English transliteration together with English translation. Please note that this is a freeware product and can be downloaded/used freely without any charges.
Filesize: 1.96 MB
Added on: 24-Jul-2005 Downloads: 2460

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  Quran Viewer 
Description: Multi-Language Qur'an Software. Full Arabic/English with Qur'anic Commentary, Transliteration, Index and Glossary (500+ words!), and Full search. Supports Plug-in Qur'an Translations. Qur'an verses can be compared in any installed language! Other languages that can be downloaded and installed include: French, German, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Hausa, Turkish and Indonesian. 8 other English translations also available!
Filesize: 5 bytes
Added on: 31-Jan-2006 Downloads: 2837 Rating: 3.0 (1 Vote)

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  Hijri Calender for PHPNUKE 
Description: This is a PHPNuke Port for Displaying Hijri Calender. This was developed by The True Call Team

Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 21-Jun-2007 Downloads: 3153

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